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Singing out of tune can be very frustrating and even prevent you from trying to train your voice. In this blog post, I will explain the reasons why you are singing out of tune, as well as give you some pointers on how to fix each one of those. Table of Contents WHY ARE YOU […]

Why Are You Singing Out Of Tune (And How To Fix It!)

Do We Need A Low Larynx To Sing?

If you ever got confused about the question… do you need a low larynx to sing? Keep on reading – and watch the video! Do we need a low larynx for singing? In this video, we will find the answer! In this video, we are going to talk about whether or not you need a […]

Have you ever noticed that many singers (maybe even yourself!) lift up their chins to sing high notes? There are reasons why singers do so but it might not be the best idea. Keep on reading or watch the video to find out! Why Do Singers Lift Their Chin To Sing High Notes? Video transcript […]

Why Do Singers Lift Up The Chin To Sing?

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Can You Teach Yourself To Sing?

In this blog post I share with you the answer to a common question: ‘Can you teach yourself to sing?’. It might surprise you to find out that it is not so much a black-and-white issue but more of a ‘percentage’ issue. Keep on reading to find out the pros and cons between the different […]

In this video, I break down the song ‘Try Everything’ by Shakira, which is one of the songs kids can choose to sing when they are preparing for their Rockschool Debut Grade exam. Want to receive weekly articles in your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly original singing articles and videos, and to receive […]

How To Sing ‘Try Everything’ By Shakira (Rockschool Debut Grade Song)

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How to learn breath control for singing

In this blog post I talk about how to learn breath control for singing! This is a topic often discussed by singers and singing teachers, which often results in agitated debates. While singing teachers have different ideas about what the best ways to work on breath support for singing are, there are certain things that […]

opera vs contemporary, contemporary singing, vocal technique, singing tips

In this blog post, I answer a question that I get quite often by singers who already sing but have not trained their voice professionally: if I take singing lessons, won’t I sound like an opera singer? If I take singing lessons, won’t I sound like an opera singer? Video transcript – adapted to suit […]

if I take singing lessons, won’t I sound like an opera singer?

Law Of Attraction (LOA) And Jason Mraz!

In this video and blog post, I am analyzing singer Jason Mraz and the law of attraction. Jason Mraz is a talented singer and songwriter and his songs reflect an emotional maturity that I believe contributes positively to the world. In this video, I tell you how he aligns perfectly well with the law of […]

In this blog post, I break down the three main steps to becoming a singer. If you want to go somewhere, you need a clear direction to not get lost in the process. So keep on reading/ watching and start crafting your singing path! What are the steps to become a singer? Video transcript (adapted […]

What Are The Steps To Become A Singer?

Why does my voice crack when I sing?

Have you ever tried to sing a song you really like, only to get frustrated when your voice cracks in the best part? There are anatomical reasons for that! In this blog post we will get to the bottom of it😎 Who does my voice crack when I sing? Video transcript (adapted to suit blog […]

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