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If you are a singer and you have asthma, I have to tell you that not only you can empower your voice, but also you can achieve better overall health through healthy singing tailored to your needs. Watch the video (or if you prefer, read the transcript!) to find out how to improve your voice […]

Singing Tips For Singers With Asthma – Empower Your Voice Today!

Learn To Sing Like Adele! Breaking Down ‘Make You Feel My Love’

If you want to learn to sing like Adele, or if you are interested in learning some sassy vocal skills such as belting, register flips, etc, learning to sing ‘Make You Feel My Love’ (Adele’s version of Bob Dylan’s original song) will help you immensely.  Watch the whole video and start trying these new vocal […]

songwriting tips for singers

Today I am sharing with you my top 3 easy tips to reduce issues and mistakes on your next singing performance. Singing live rarely comes smoothly and without any unexpected issues, but with these easy tips to reduce issues when singing live you will greatly reduce the chances of any issues ruining your singing performance. […]

3 Easy Tips To Reduce Issues And Mistakes On Your Next Singing Performance

How To Hold Long Notes When You Sing!

In today’s topic I will show you a practical exercise that will help you be able to hold long notes when you sing easily and effortlessly! How to hold a note for longer when you sing – video transcript (adapted to suit blog post format)  If you struggle to hold a note for more […]

Do you really need to breathe with your belly to sing? The answer might actually surprise you. This is a controversial topic amongst singing teachers and responsible singers who care about their technique… there are a lot of scientific research about the topic and that is what I am talking about today! Do you […]

Do You REALLY Need To Breathe With Your Belly To Sing…?

voice range speaking vs singing voice

Why Are You Singing Out Of Tune (And How To Fix It!)

Singing out of tune can be very frustrating and even prevent you from trying to train your voice. In this blog post, I will explain the reasons why you are singing out of tune, as well as give you some pointers on how to fix each one of those. Table of Contents WHY ARE YOU […]

If you ever got confused about the question… do you need a low larynx to sing? Keep on reading – and watch the video! Do we need a low larynx for singing? In this video, we will find the answer! In this video, we are going to talk about whether or not you need a […]

Do We Need A Low Larynx To Sing?

Why Do Singers Lift Up The Chin To Sing?

Have you ever noticed that many singers (maybe even yourself!) lift up their chins to sing high notes? There are reasons why singers do so but it might not be the best idea. Keep on reading or watch the video to find out! Why Do Singers Lift Their Chin To Sing High Notes? Video transcript […]

learning to sing, ways to learning singing, teaching yourself to sing

In this blog post I share with you the answer to a common question: ‘Can you teach yourself to sing?’. It might surprise you to find out that it is not so much a black-and-white issue but more of a ‘percentage’ issue. Keep on reading to find out the pros and cons between the different […]

Can You Teach Yourself To Sing?

How To Sing ‘Try Everything’ By Shakira (Rockschool Debut Grade Song)

In this video, I break down the song ‘Try Everything’ by Shakira, which is one of the songs kids can choose to sing when they are preparing for their Rockschool Debut Grade exam. Want to receive weekly articles in your inbox? Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly original singing articles and videos, and to receive […]

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