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Many people often feel like their voice is stuck inside. When your voice is trapped your communication skills and your expression are affected in many areas of your life, making it hard for you to achieve your goals and to live a healthy, happy and free life to the fullest.

Auckland Contemporary Singing School is the result of many years of deep exploration, studying and training deeply in the areas of singing, music, speech, dance/movement, creativity, expression, acting and energy healing techniques.

Our singing programs, courses and classes online are designed to help you discover and unlock your true expression and voice, and to guide them towards your specific goals.

Who is Auckland Contemporary Singing School for:

-Adult singers of all levels (including very beginners) that want to discover their own natural voice and learn to use it effectively, expressively and to unlock its full potential. At Auckland Contemporary Singing School you can train as a contemporary singer in all levels.

-Children and teenagers aged 9+ who want to train as contemporary singers - we use the Rockschool Syllabus for this ages.

-Musicians of other instruments who want to sing to add tools to their music

-Actors who want to unlock their voice to have a more true expression and more expressive and communication tools.

-Teachers who want to take care of their voice and prevent/revert voice damage from voice overuse or voice fatigue

-Public speakers who want to create more powerful communication and gain confidence

-Any person who wants to learn to communicate more effectively and expressively!


I started  exploring singing and music when I was 7 years old.

I studied privately and in different institutions. I practiced as much as I could and was involved in as many projects as I could.

I was not a born singer.  When I started my singing journey, I was criticized for not “releasing my voice”. For not being an extrovert performer. For having a small voice. For not having a huge range. For my song choices. For how I dressed. For being shy. For being quiet.

I always felt that something was missing! I knew deep within that voice work can’t be focused on what happens in the vocal folds. There is so much more to it!! So I started exploring intensively movement therapies, dance, music, and energy healing techniques, in addition to my singing and voice training. 

I had to do a lot of self work in many areas to be able to release my voice and sing like I always wanted to sing.

With the intense exploration of my voice and my expression, I came to many conclusions.

To mention some of them:
-People’s criticisms are about THEM. NOT about you. 
-Fitting in a standard model what a singer should sound, look and be like, it is against TRUE expression.
-Our voice can be worked on any aspect if I find the right technique and the right teacher.
-Our voice is a reflex of our internal world. 
-To be able to have a “big” and expressive voice, we have to be able to trust. And we can't do it if we are not nurtured in a safe environment.
-Personal taste is different from facts. Facts are measurable and agreed by everyone. 
-You can heal your voice and you can heal THROUGH your voice.
-The rules about what a singer should look like, act like, dress like, sing like, are made by humans and change overtime. Actually they change very fast. 
-We have the power to change our voice if we choose to.
-We have the RIGHT to express ourselves.
-EVERYTHING in your voice is TRAINABLE! if you have the right guide and the right tools ;)

And many more.

But to summarise, I have learnt that for me as a singer, what brings me joy is the possibility to express myself. To truly express myself. It brings me true freedom. This is not as easy as it sounds, to “just do it”. 

For me, I had to overcome a lot of unconscious fears that were planted in me since I was very little. 

Which brings me to why I do what I do...

I was offered a job as a singing teacher in 2011 and I discovered how much joy it brings to me to help people in their voice discovery process.

From then on, I have never stopped and I am now fully dedicated to helping people discover their very own voice.

My focus as a teacher is to help students feel safe while providing them with the exact tools they need right now to guide their voice towards their singing goals - step by step.

My method is holistic an integral: this means that we approach the voice training considering all the factors that affect it. And that we train in all aspects of contemporary singing: vocal technique, interpretation, performance, musicality, improvisation, even sight reading!

And for kids and teens we work with the Rockschool Syllabus in Auckland and online- Which keeps kids motivated and gives them a strong direction, a progressive training from complete beginners to advanced contemporary singers.

We even have singing programs in Auckland for tiny kids! If your child is 4-8 years old they can train with special program for very young kids.

Claim the RIGHT of expressing yourself!

My qualifications:
I am a fully certified contemporary vocal coach, and I hold as well qualifications in contemporary music for songwriting and performance. I am also a qualified practitioner of energy work and movement disciplines as well, which I often combine with my singing teaching practice as necessary.

I also hold a Grade 8 certificate in Contemporary Singing with the Rockschool Syllabus, which was attained with distinction marks.

Do you dare to embark on a deep process in which you are going to get to know yourself a lot better? 

And yes, you will be able to sing like you always wanted. You will gain freedom in the process. You will be able to be one with your voice. I'll help you reach those voice - singing - music goals that you may not have discovered yet!

Start today with our singing lessons and programs in Auckland (North Shore area) and online!

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