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Table of Contents Singing mindset videos How to Learn to Sing in Tune and Overcome the Myth of Tone Deafness | Vocal Coach Tips Can anyone learn to sing? Honest answer here! Trick your brain into making singing easy and natural! Can you learn to sing at any age? Can you learn singing as an […]

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Why is it so hard to sing?

Today I would like to talk to you about the difference between the low-pressure system and the high-pressure system for singing, which will explain why is it so hard to sing. Table of Contents Singing is NOT your larynx’s priority  The larynx has a lot of different functions and singing is not the main […]

Are you really tone deaf?

“How to sing in tune” is a very hot topic for those who want to get started in singing but are terrifying of doing it. A lot of people are told by well-intentioned relatives and friends that they cannot sing, or even worse, that they are “tone deaf” and that they will never be able […]

How to sing in tune when you were told you are “tone deaf”

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How to read rhythm in music – for singers!

How to read rhythm in music – for singers In today’s video, I explain how to read rhythm in music – for singers! Not only do I explain how to read music notes for beginner singers, but I also show you basic rhythm exercises so you can apply what you learned. Understanding rhythm is crucial […]

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In today’s video, I talk about how to learn to sing at any age. This video is dedicated to all of you who wonder: am I too old to learn singing? There are advantages and disadvantages. Keep on reading! How To Learn To Sing At Any Age – Video Transcript (slightly modified to fit […]

How To Learn To Sing At Any Age!

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How To Improve Your Voice Tone For Singing!

In today’s video and video transcript, I show you how to improve your vocal tone by mastering your vowels! Watch the whole video and practice these exercises before you apply them to songs. It will give you a more clear tone and much more choice over how you want to sound. How To Improve […]

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How to sing in tune (even if you were told you are tone deaf!) How to sing in tune even if you were told you were ‘tone deaf’ – video transcript If you dream of becoming a good singer but you’ve been told that you are tone deaf, this video is for you1 My […]

How To Learn To Sing In Tune (Even If You Think You’re Tone Deaf)

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Can anyone learn to sing? The answer here!

CAN ANYONE LEARN TO SING? FULL ANSWER HERE If you want to learn to sing but you have no experience you are in the right place Because that was all of us at some point. Maybe you’ve been told by some people that you’re just a bad singer or that you don’t have what it […]

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If you want to be able to sing that hard song with ease, you need much more than just pushing your voice to the limit. Let me show you how to work on a difficult song in an easy way that will help you accelerate your singing process and make singing healthy and sustainable, as […]

How to learn to sing a difficult song!

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What is the difference between head voice and falsetto?

Difference between head voice and falsetto – What are they and how to use them effectively in songs? There are a lot of ideas about falsetto and head voice out there, and I know it can be not very clear. So if you’re confused about it, keep on reading because I will tell you exactly […]

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Today I want to share with you some crucial tips for singing performances that will aid you in having a terrific experience on stage! How to get ready for a singing performance! Performance day: Take the day off if possible If you have a singing event coming up,  the first thing to tell you is […]

How to prepare for a singing performance!

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How To Trick Your Brain Into Making Singing Easy!

Table of Contents Singing can be easy if you tune your brain for it! More often than not we make singing way harder than it needs to be… when we can tune our brain to make singing naturally and easy. And that’s what we will learn today! How to tune your brain to make singing […]

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