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how to warm up your voice

If you are a beginner singer, chances are you might be wondering how to warm up your voice when you practice at home.  Many of my students – especially the adult ones – mention that after our weekly lesson their voice sounds easy and they can sing songs nicely. However, when they practice at home, […]

How to warm up your voice – for beginners

Are you really tone deaf?

How to sing in tune when you were told you are “tone deaf”

“How to sing in tune” is a very hot topic for those who want to get started in singing but are terrifying of doing it. A lot of people are told by well-intentioned relatives and friends that they cannot sing, or even worse, that they are “tone deaf” and that they will never be able […]

singing showcase for kids in Auckland

Last weekend we hosted our first-ever singing performance for kids! If you have been following my blog you probably know that our singing studio in Auckland was for many years a studio exclusively for adults. In the last few years, however, due to a lot of demand from parents, we opened a singing program for kids […]

Our first-ever singing performance FOR KIDS in Auckland!

when not to practice your singing

When NOT to practice your singing

There are many articles about how to make the most of your singing practice to become the singer you want to be. But perhaps equally important is to know when not to practice your singing.  Table of Contents What?? A vocal coach suggesting you don’t practice your singing? Not so fast. Yes, practice is crucial, […]

bridge in singing

If you ever had singing lessons online or in person, or even if you did some online singing videos, you might have come across “the bridge”. But what is the bridge in singing? Also called the passagio, or the voice “break”, the bridge in singing is that zone of your voice in which you transition […]

What is the bridge in singing

Improve your breath support while singing

How to have good breath support while singing

Today I want to share with you some tips on how to have good breath support while singing. A few months ago I got sick and ended up developing laryngitis. That completely took my voice away. Unfortunately, at that moment I was in which I did need to communicate verbally so I couldn’t get the […]

songwriting for beginners adding music to your lyrics

Last week I published a blog that taught you beginner songwriter tips for singers. We learned how to get started with not only writing the lyrics of your song but also how to shape them into a song structure. This week we will continue working on your song with our songwriting tips for singers, but […]

Beginner guide – songwriting tips for singers – PART 2

coming up with song lyrics for beginners

Beginner guide – songwriting tips for singers – PART 1

I created this initial guide to provide you with some useful songwriting tips for singers. Keep in mind that this is a beginner’s guide, so these songwriting tips for singers are for you if you are a singer that feels you have something to say but don’t know where to start crafting a song. Songwriting […]

interpreting a song for within

How to interpret a song is a question that all singers should ask themselves. Developing a great singing technique is not all it is to the art of singing. In fact, Technique is a tiny part of it. A very important one! But do never forget that voice technique is merely a tool for you […]

How to interpret a song from within – for brave singers!

survival kit for singers

Survival kit for singers

So you are finally getting serious about singing and you are going to take some lessons as a beginner singer! That’s great, you are starting a new and exciting journey in your life. Or perhaps you already sing but you are starting to take it seriously now. The point is, that you are here to […]


Today I want to share with you some of the most frequently asked questions by beginner singers. Twelve years of teaching voice have showed me that there are some concerns that most people have when they start their exciting singing journey. So chances are if you are one of them, some of your questions will […]

Frequently asked questions by beginner singers

how to sound confident when speaking

Set your voice free!

Being able to set your voice free is something I get asked about a lot. It is possible to find your free voice, and desirable, however, it doesn’t come too easy for many of us.  So in this article, I will help you unveil the mystery of why it is so hard to set your […]

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