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ACSS proudly presents ‘Between Two Worlds’ – a selection of Argentinian/Latin Folk and Modern Pop songs. Featuring ‘Knork’ With special guests, Rupert, Ariana, and Sarah. Come to share with us a night of music! Refreshments provided. For more info:

Come To Our Show! ‘Between Two Worlds’ in Auckland, NZ

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Table of Contents Singing mindset videos How to Learn to Sing in Tune and Overcome the Myth of Tone Deafness | Vocal Coach Tips Can anyone learn to sing? Honest answer here! Trick your brain into making singing easy and natural! Can you learn to sing at any age? Can you learn singing as an […]

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Today I would like to talk to you about the difference between the low-pressure system and the high-pressure system for singing, which will explain why is it so hard to sing. Table of Contents Singing is NOT your larynx’s priority  The larynx has a lot of different functions and singing is not the main […]

Why is it so hard to sing?

Are you really tone deaf?

How to sing in tune when you were told you are “tone deaf”

“How to sing in tune” is a very hot topic for those who want to get started in singing but are terrifying of doing it. A lot of people are told by well-intentioned relatives and friends that they cannot sing, or even worse, that they are “tone deaf” and that they will never be able […]

This week I want to tell you all about my experience attending Depeche Mode’s Memento Tour concert in Manchester! Seeing Depeche Mode live was a dream come true. You can hear all about it in the video below, and if you prefer reading you can see my written comments below it. My experience and […]

My experience and review – Depeche Mode ‘Memento Tour’ (Plus Depeche Mode’s Singing Analysis)

My Analysis Of Dimash’s New Video ‘When I’ve Got You’

Dimash just released a new video! And it is great, as usual. Dimash has become one of my favorite artists as I appreciate singers who take their craft seriously and with such professionalism. This time I think he really took some bold risks!  Have you watched it yet? If not, check out his video on […]

In today’s blog I tell you all about expanding your vocal range. There are three main steps singers go through in that process, and they are available to everyone. The main thing is to not get impatient. Developing your voice is a process that takes time and dedication. Enjoy it! Table of Contents The […]

Expanding Your Vocal Range In Three Steps

Breathing Training For Singers: Set Up Your Brain To Sing From The Inhale!

Breathing Training For Singers: Set Up Your Brain To Sing From The Inhale! Video transcript (modified to suit blog format) Today we’re going to talk about breathing. Breathing is crucial for singing. The way you breathe in defines your singing, and it’s not a general thing. Every breath you take will set up your voice […]

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In this video, I analyze Taylor Swift’s vocals in ‘Cruel Summer’. For this blog post, I am focusing on three main vocal tools Taylor Swift used in ‘Cruel Summer’, which you can adopt today and use in many other songs to embellish them and to increase your vocal skills toolbox! Enjoy! 1.Singing REALLY low notes! […]

Analysing Taylor Swift’s vocals in ‘Cruel Summer’ (steal her tricks!)

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How To Keep Your Voice Hydrated And In Top-Shape When You Travel By Plane Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.  Today, I want to talk about traveling and singing. Now, specifically, I’m talking about traveling by airplane. When you travel by airplane, you can get dehydrated quite a bit!  You probably know that hydration is extremely […]

exercises for singers, holistic singing Top 3 Physical Exercises That Improve Your Voice If you want to be a complete singer, it’s super important that you have a physical exercise routine.  That is not only good for general health, but it’s crucial to improve your voice. If you don’t, at some stage, you are going to hit a ceiling. […]

Top 3 Physical Exercises That Improve Your Voice

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Singing Tips For Singers With Asthma – Empower Your Voice Today!

If you are a singer and you have asthma, I have to tell you that not only you can empower your voice, but also you can achieve better overall health through healthy singing tailored to your needs. Watch the video (or if you prefer, read the transcript!) to find out how to improve your voice […]

If you want to learn to sing like Adele, or if you are interested in learning some sassy vocal skills such as belting, register flips, etc, learning to sing ‘Make You Feel My Love’ (Adele’s version of Bob Dylan’s original song) will help you immensely.  Watch the whole video and start trying these new vocal […]

Learn To Sing Like Adele! Breaking Down ‘Make You Feel My Love’

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3 Easy Tips To Reduce Issues And Mistakes On Your Next Singing Performance

Today I am sharing with you my top 3 easy tips to reduce issues and mistakes on your next singing performance. Singing live rarely comes smoothly and without any unexpected issues, but with these easy tips to reduce issues when singing live you will greatly reduce the chances of any issues ruining your singing performance. […]

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