• Healing with the voice

    Last week I was invited to sing with a group of women in one of the cacaíto dance ceremonies held here in New Zealand. (For those not familiar with them, cacaíto dance ceremonies are a beautiful project created by Sia Hu Heka and Herman Diaz. They are healing ceremonies that include a cacao ceremony, a […]

  • How to be a Jedi Singer

    Last month I went to the cinema to watch my first Star Wars movie ever. (Never too late!) I got really fascinated with the concept of “the force”, and realised that it can be easily applied to singing. One of the components of singing training is actually very similar to that concept. During training, we […]

  • Introductory Singing Class!

    On January 23, I’ll be teaching a singing introductory class in Albany, Auckland. The theme of the class is “elements of singing”. We will explore each one of the basic elements of singing and learn some cool exercises to start exploring and using them. Is a great opportunity to have a taste of how a […]

  • Sing better by relaxing your body

    In order to sing freely and to find the resonance you are looking for, your body has to be relaxed. This does not mean that you have to be slumping, it’s more about finding the balance in your muscles, that allows your sound to travel throughout all your body.  A tense body blocks the sound […]