• How to choose a song to sing

    When you are training your singing voice, a very important part of the process is the song which you choose to work on. In doing this, you have to take into consideration mainly two things: What are you looking for to work on with the song? Will you perform it? Songs are a great tool […]

  • New Class at Albany

    Singing lessons are back! This year, in addition to Singing lessons, I’ll be teaching a class at Albany Community House on World music and culture. Albany has a wide mix of people from different countries so it’s a great opportunity to learn about cultural expressions from around the world. Join us to meet people and […]

  • The power of Christmas carols

    Christmas Carols give us peaceful feelings. Not only does the music itself transmit peace and a loving sensation, but it often connects us with happy memories. I remember going with my cousins and uncle to sing Christmas carols to our neighbours. My uncle played his guitar and we all sang together as a group of […]