• Sing better by relaxing your body

    In order to sing freely and to find the resonance you are looking for, your body has to be relaxed. This does not mean that you have to be slumping, it’s more about finding the balance in your muscles, that allows your sound to travel throughout all your body.  A tense body blocks the sound […]

  • Is my kid too young to start lessons?

    I often get enquiries from parents whose children love singing, and they are concerned about if they are too young to start their training. In my studio, I teach children from the age of 4. Of course the training is different, much gentler than adult voice training, but still very beneficial for them. How does […]

  • Sharing the joy of singing!

    Last Saturday 9th September, we had our first group session at Albany for adults! I’m so grateful to all the brave singers that came to share their voices. All the attendees contributed to create a lovely atmosphere where everybody was allowed to make mistakes without judgement… we had a really fun time too! Join us […]