• A bit of Argentinian music

            Today I want to share with you just a little bit of the music of Argentina, the country I was born in. I have always been in love with the way different cultures express themselves and part of my mission here on heart is to show people from other places a […]

  • The importance of practice

    The voice has the particular quality of being there for us all the time. When it comes to singing, this is great! But it can also be a disadvantage. Often I find that my students come to their lessons without practicing at all during the week. While one regular lesson a week will help you […]

  • Should my kid start singing lessons?

    When it comes to singing lessons, kids are a special topic. Some people believe that you MUST start your singing training as a kid, while others think that they must wait until reaching puberty. The reality is that they are both right in a way, although not completely! At a young age, kids haven’t completely […]