songwriting course online Auckland

Exciting news! We are opening a brand new course for singers: Introduction to Songwriting for Singers. This course will run online and in person at my studio in Auckland (North Shore area). If you live in Auckland, you are welcome to come to my studio to do the course in person, but if you are […]

Introduction to Songwriting course – June 2023!

organizing performance beginner singers

Organizing a singing performance for beginners

Last week my adult students and I organized an open mic night in our community. It was a great night full of music in a supportive environment! Organizing a singing performance for beginners was a fun task. This was the first time that we have organized an event of this kind, and because of that, […]

holistic treatment vocal nodules

Having vocal nodules is something that can frighten most singers, especially the ones who are experiencing them. Today I want to talk about how to get rid of vocal nodules using a therapy that you might not have heard of yet. Healing from a vocal injury Last year I went through some unfortunate experiences that […]

How to get rid of vocal nodules for singers

Singing lessons classes Auckland North Shore

New Singing Studio space at Auckland Contemporary Singing School❤️

We have updated our lovely singing studio space! After over a year of visualizing and planning, I have materialized my dream of having a space where we can: Offer small group singing lessons for kids and adults – Auckland (North Shore) I LOVE group singing lessons for kids because they have so much more fun […]

differences between singing and speaking

We use our magical voice instrument to communicate every day. It seems that if we are able to have a functional instrument to communicate, we should be able to sing too, right? Well, yes and no. There are quite a few differences between singing and speaking, and this has something to do with the way […]

Differences between singing and speaking

holistic approach, singing lessons

What does holistic singing mean?

Very often, when I am introduced to a new person and they enquire about what I do for a living, they find it interesting that I teach people to sing. But the few times in which the people in question are curious enough to check my webpage out, they come across the idea of holistic […]

singing quietly, practice singing in hotel room

Due to some family health issues, I have been traveling for the last few days and have stayed in a hotel room. We are supposed to be quiet when staying in hotels, so I am missing my singing training quite a bit. However, in times and situations like this, we must rise above the circumstances […]

How to practise singing quietly in a hotel room

posture for singers

Discovering The Benefits Of The Feldenkrais® Method For Singers

It is summer in NZ! And I have been using it to do some singing research. I’ve been long interested in the Feldenkrais® method for a good while now and I am using my New Zealand Summer break to explore this method and see what benefits it brings to my singing. An experiment to discover […]

difference learning singing as a child vs adult

In this article I explain the difference between learning to sing as a child VS learning to sing as an adult. Many times I find out that adults that speak to me – perhaps new adult students -, have the established preconception that singing is an activity that must be done as a child, otherwise […]

Learning to sing as a child VS learning to sing as an adult

Auckland singing classes North Shore

2022 review in Auckland Contemporary Singing School

And we are again closing the year – already!? Time flies when you are having fun. What a year this has been! We are happy to have shared a lot of singing with our students and excited about what’s coming in 2023! But first, a little review of the 2022 highlights: 2022 highlights in Auckland […]

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