how to warm up your voice

If you are a beginner singer, chances are you might be wondering how to warm up your voice when you practice at home.  Many of my students – especially the adult ones – mention that after our weekly lesson their voice sounds easy and they can sing songs nicely. However, when they practice at home, […]

How to warm up your voice – for beginners

Rockschool vocals in Auckland singing school

Rockschool singing exams preparation in Auckland!

2021 comes with lots of news for our singing students in Auckland and online! Rockschool singing exams preparation is one of them. During the past two years, I have been preparing singing students from a different music school to get their Rockschool vocals grade exams. This has given me great satisfaction as I see my […]

How to find time for your singing practice

One of the most challenging things to resolve when it comes to singing is not the actual vocal issues themselves, but rather how to find time to practice singing. There is always so much to do! Especially if you’re a busy person, trying to make time for work, exercise, spending time with your friends and […]

How to find time to practice singing when you’re a super busy person

how often should you take singing lessons

How often should you take singing lessons

One of the questions that people commonly wonder about when they think about starting singing training, is how often should you take singing lessons? In fact, many people wonder if they should take lessons at all. I don’t judge. But let’s say you do want to invest in good singing instruction and are ready to go. Of […]

how to choose a song to sing

When you are starting your singing training, one issue that often arises is that the student has no idea of how to choose a song for beginners. There are a couple of tips that can help you find a song suitable for you at this stage. First of all, find a song that you like […]

How to choose a song for beginner singers

singing harmonies for beginners

The ultimate survival guide to start singing vocal harmonies – for beginners

Singing harmonies can seem quite hard at the beginning but with some practice, you will see that it is entirely possible! In this article we will explore how to sing harmonies when you are a beginner. The benefits go beyond just having fun! Learning to sing harmonies is really helpful to develop your aural skills, […]

how to start singing

How to start singing when you’re a complete beginner is one of the most common questions I’m asked! often followed by:   -Am I too old to start singing? -Do I need to take lessons to learn how to sing? -Do I have to have a great voice, or can anybody learn?   The reality […]

How to start singing when you’re a beginner

how to practice singing in the car

How to practice singing in the car

Many students often tell me that they practice singing in the car while driving, either because they don’t have any other free time, or because they don’t have a space where they can sing without people around.  There are benefits but also risks from this type of practice when you’re training your voice seriously, but […]

air intake for singing

As you know, breathing for singing is an important part of a singer’s training–we train to expand our lung capacity and to develop breath support. So today I want to give you a tip to train another part of your breathing. As well as expanding our air capacity, we need to train how to use […]

Breathing for singing: how to take air in properly in songs

How to reach high notes in singing

How to reach high notes in singing is probably the most common question beginner or even experienced singers ask when they come to my lessons. When I’m teaching a lesson and practicing scales with my students, I can see how they start becoming anxious and stare at the notes that I play on my keyboard. […]

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