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Most people love singing, but they find it hard to release their voice. With singing classes taught from a holistic and integral approach you will find a step by step process to free and develop your voice so you can express yourself powerfully when singing or speaking!

Who is this for: adults of all levels who want to learn to sing and develop an expressive and strong voice. 

What does a holistic approach to singing involves?

To answer that question, I have created this video (includes a link to a free 20 min audio lesson in the description!):

Holistic and contemporary singing academy online

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A holistic approach to contemporary singing could be the missing piece to your singing journey! 

My vocal programs for complete beginners have a deeply holistic approach, because at the beginning of your journey it is crucial to set up your instrument to 'singing mode'. That tends to be the missing piece for most singers that try endlessly to sing from YouTube videos without success! 

As you progress in your journey, and the foundations of a healthy and strong vocal technique are settled, we progress through our courses and programs into more advanced contemporary techniques, which your voice will be now prepared to deal with.

Welcome to the fantastic SINGING world! Here you will learn to connect with your voice and truly express through it while singing your favourite songs ❤️