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Most people love singing, but they find it hard to release their voice. With singing classes taught from a holistic and integral approach you will find a step by step process to free and develop your voice so you can express yourself powerfully when singing or speaking.

Who is this for: adults of all levels who want to learn to sing and develop an expressive and strong voice. 

Holistic and contemporary singing academy online

This program incorporates elements of Contemporary vocal techniques, Contemporary music training, Functional voice method, Qigong and movement therapy. 

Jorgelina's main passion are singing, music, movement, healing arts and personal development, all areas that she has spent countless hours exploring and researching. She combines them all to create holistic and integral singing lessons that will help you release your voice from deep within! 

Jorgelina is a certified vocal coach in contemporary singing, as well as a certified Reiki healing and master, and a certified Qigong instructor. She was professionally trained in Argentina as a contemporary singer, learning with experts in the areas of acting, interpretation, speech, guitar, piano, stage craft, songwriting, etc. 

Jorgelina is available for lessons in person and online, and she can deliver the singing lessons in either English or Spanish.

The private lessons program is completely personalised to suit your particular needs and wants as a singer. So for every student the program will be different. Some of the things we will work on:

- Breathing - the next level!
- Posture
- Vocal technique - building a contemporary voice.
- Style and repertoire
- Interpretation - acting from within
- Vocal coaching - creating goals for your singing and working together to reach them!
- Voice and body - integrating body, breathe and voice through movement awareness.
- Vocal style
- Music theory (optional)

- casual lessons: $60 x 30 min lesson (voice work only - no song work)
- casual lessons: $120 x 60 min lesson (voice work + song work)

This vocal program is available ONLINE (take singing lessons from all over the world!❤️)

Online PRIVATE singing LESSONS

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