Work with us!

If you are an experienced singer with a passion for helping others, we might be a good fit!

At Auckland Contemporary Singing School we have an integral and holistic approach to singing. We believe anyone can learn to sing and that everyone has a unique voice that can flourish with the right guide.

We provide a safe, non judgemental and friendly space for anyone who learns with us, so they can learn in the best possible environment and grow in confidence... and also have a terrific time learning their favourite songs!

Training provided

Our ideal teacher will fit the following characteristics:

1) A passion for singing!
2) At least 5 years of regular vocal training
3) Know how to read music (reading scores, singing scales, sight reading, improvisation, etc)
4) Basic piano skills
5) Have a friendly and outgoing personality
6) Strong work ethic and professionalism
7) Passion for helping others!
8) At least one year of experience teaching music

1) Professionalism
2) Quality of teaching
3) Communication

If you think you would be a good fit, contact us today to learn more!