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Some kind feedback from my students

“Just wanted to send a quick note to say how thrilled I am with our little girl’s singing progress. It has been so much more than I was expecting! I asked her to sing a few things for me yesterday and was just stunned at the control she has on her pitch and the projection she was getting. The concentration required is also a good thing for her!”  (Andrew)                                                                                      

 I had no idea that by working on adding emotion has surfaced emotions that I need to release… These sessions have honestly felt like healing sessions because I feel a lot lighter after each session… For some odd reason I really feel as though these lessons are far more than just to improve my voice, but almost sessions to release previous baggage, I’m not sure what I’ve been holding on to all these years, but it’s been an interesting process of letting it all go…”   (Angelene)

“Jorgelina is the most skilled and complete teacher I’ve ever had or known. She’s some kind of ‘’singing nerd’’, knowing all kinds of techniques and approaches to the voice you can imagine, and she is also very aware of that part of singing that you can’t find in books, the role of emotions and feelings in the way we improve our way to sing and express ourselves. You can’t find a better teacher for your voice and soul!” (Juan Ignacio)                                                                                   

“I went to singing lessons with Jorgelina because I wanted to improve my breathing technique for health reasons and decided singing would be a fun and relaxing way to do it. I greatly enjoyed my lessons and loved the way she teaches you how to use your entire body and breath. She sees singing as the product of the whole body and not separated and this was extremely interesting and helpful to me. She is also very encouraging and has a great technical knowledge”  (Andrea)


“I feel like I’m making some changes to the way I’ve been singing without having your guidance over the past 6/7 years I started finding my voice. You are getting the best out of my voice I’ve heard myself sound even before. I’m really enjoying your lessons very much now. I do trust you. Now that I am getting it and not starting from the basics every time we learn a song it’s cool to build on my technique each week and not give up on how far we’ve come. So thanks! You’re doing a great job and I’m happy to find how useful the things you’ve been teaching me”. (Shalem)


I came to Jorgelina as a complete novice singer. I was extremely nervous before my first lesson but she instantly made me feel at ease. She provides a positive and safe environment where you are free to make mistakes without criticism. The lessons are always really fun and I look forward to my lesson every week. 

Jorgelina is extremely knowledgable and passionate about both the technique and the art of singing. During each lesson she will suggest movements or visualisations that help you to improve. Some of these may sound silly at first but they really do work. I would thoroughly recommend Jorgelina to anyone, from complete novice to professional.” (Graham)