Auckland Contemporary Singing School organizes an open mic every season! These open mics are open to the community for FREE and alcohol-free events, so people of all ages can come and share some music with us!

Our open mic nights are a fun, friendly, and supportive environment in which you can just come and enjoy some music or come to share your own music. 

You can come with a backing track on your phone, or just bring along your guitar to jam with us!

We organize these events for free. Some of our students donate their time to help this event run smoothly. Donations are greatly appreciated if you would like to collaborate with the project and will go towards refreshments available for attendees, hire fees, etc. If you want to cooperate, we will also happily receive snacks and non-alcoholic drinks to share at the events. 

If you would like to collaborate with either time or a donation, please contact us to