singing lessons for kids and teens in auckland - north shore

At Auckland Contemporary Singing Schools kids and teens have the opportunity to learn with the most up to date vocal techniques for contemporary music. Your child will train in singing with the same techniques that the pro singers use! Allowing them to sing easily and confidently. 

Learning to sing has many other benefits apart from having a lot of fun and singing amazingly! They will increase their creativity, confidence, discipline, self- expression, even maths! - very important skills to master and that will improve every area of their life.

Who is this for:
- Kids 7-12 years old with at least 1 year of experience taking singing lessons.
-Teens 13+ years old (all levels including beginners)

For this program, we work with the Rockschool syllabus. Rockschool is a contemporary music syllabus that trains singers in many areas: vocal technique, repertoire, vocal style, technical exercises, ear training, vocal improvisation, sight reading, etc. Normally when a kid goes to take singing lessons they just learn vocal techniques and songs, but with the Rockschool syllabus you get the whole package!

Rockschool starts at debut grade and kids can progress to grade 8. It is a great way to keep the progress on track! 

Once kids are ready to take their exams their teacher will let them know and invite them to book an exam slot. Exams are not compulsory, although highly recommended as they keep kids motivated to train their vocal instrument... plus, they LOVE getting their certificate as recognition of their hard work!


Pitch and rhythm
Vocal health
Vocal technique (posture, breathing, air support, resonance, etc) and development.
Voice expression
Repertoire and style development
Interpretation and performance
Stylistic studies (voice FUN stuff - runs, melisma, slides, flips, etc)
Music knowledge (scales, intervals, arpeggios, sight reading, score reading, etc)
Singing in harmonies

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Singing helps you build SELF- CONFIDENCE!

Some skills your child will train and develop:

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