singing lessons for Little kids in auckland!

Do you have a young child who can't stop singing around all day? If you wonder if they are too young to learn singing, let me tell you that it is never too early. At Auckland Contemporary Singing School, we have an amazing program for kids aged 5-7 with a passion for singing! So if you are looking for singing lessons for little kids in Auckland, check out our new program!

Many of the great singers you hear about started when they were very young. Olivia Rodrigo started her private singing lessons at age 5! And I'm sure you can still find videos of a young 6 years old Christina Aguilera singing like a pro.

Plus, when they are younger is when they develop their ear the most. So exposing kids to music early on is something they will thank you for in the future!

At Auckland Contemporary Singing School the focus with very young kids is to getting them started in the world of music in a fun, friendly and safe space. A space where they can explore their voice through games and stories, and have fun while doing it. 

Who is this for: Kids 5-7 years old (beginners) who love singing around the house! 

Musical scales
Vocal technique 
Sight reading

We are in Unsworth Heights area (Auckland, NZ) - Exact address will be sent to you through email on completion of the appointment booking.

Singing lessons for kids in Auckland - North Shore area

Some skills your child will explore:

We are looking at starting a new small group singing class for kids aged 5-7 in Auckland (North Shore area - Unsworth Heights). If you are interested please get in contact with us!