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Warm-ups for beginner singers!

 Meet Your Own TRUE Singing Voice in 30 Days Or Less!

Do you know what your own inner voice sounds like?

Most of us don’t even EVER get to hear our own true voice. I’m talking about the true form our voice can reach. We just go along with what we have, and never fulfill its potential.

What a waste… Right?

We’re so used to hearing about naturally gifted singers that we don’t even stop to realize we can work on our own voice. You don’t have to be born with the gift. Much like anything else in life, you can simply practice it. However, learning how to sign is NOT like learning anything else in life.

What is the difference? How you learn it. 

Let me explain.

If you want to learn how to ride a bike, you just have to keep riding it. Ride it for hours and hours and you’ll be a master at it. It’s a matter of physical coordination and balance.

Singing, on the other hand, is about knowing how to properly use the internals of your body. From your vocal cords to how you breathe and even how you stand. That sure sounds more complicated now doesn’t it?

That’s why learning how to sing is different. You can’t just mindlessly repeat the act of singing until you’re good at it (sorry, but yeah… YouTube videos don’t work). You need to know what and how to practice. In fact, if you’re not careful you could even end up developing BAD habits when practicing. Habits that could even HURT your voice in the future.

But don’t worry. This is exactly why I created this course. I wanted to help beginners everywhere find their own true voice. Beginners just like you!

Anyone - including YOU - can sing. And I mean sing BEAUTIFULLY.

Our voice is a reflex of our internal world. People’s opinions mean nothing. When someone (ANYONE) criticizes you, they are talking about themselves. NOT you. So, if you’ve been conditioned by negative feedback from someone close to you, I want you to forget all about it right now. 

Trust me, I speak from personal experience on this. I had to overcome a lot of unconscious fears that were planted in me since I was really young.

What makes singing so unique, is exactly the fact that we can express our unique selves through it. Fitting in a standard model of what a “true singer” should sound, look and be like is against TRUE expression. Avoid that mindset!

For me as a singer, what brings me joy is the possibility to express myself. To TRULY express myself. It brings me an indescribable feeling of freedom. It’s not as easy as it sounds, you don’t “just do it”. You need to learn the right way and be super focused.

The only person you need to rely on is yourself. In order to be able to have a “big” and expressive voice, you HAVE to be able to trust. Trust yourself and your own voice.

You can heal your voice and you can heal THROUGH your voice. I’ve had students who’ve had emotional breakthroughs during our sessions. That’s how powerful singing can be - most people have NO idea.

You have the power to change your voice if YOU choose to. Singing isn’t about having a gift. It’s about knowing how your voice works and putting in the work that takes to build new and better habits.

I’m here to help you discover your own unique personal singing identity and help you reach its full potential. Your own version of what perfect singing should sound like. Your own internal world in voice form. 

What makes my method unique, is that it is holistic. I studied - in-depth - not only singing techniques, but also the movement, acting and energy healing techniques that I integrate constantly into my teachings.

To me, singing is the result of the mind, body and energy connections. I identify exactly what is blocking your voice from flowing freely and then I work from there. I always tackle the root cause of the “problem”.

Building your singing instrument requires you to build new habits - but they must be the right habits.

In this course you will get to learn important warm-ups for complete singing beginners. But most importantly, you’ll learn how to check that your vocal exercises are always being done in the correct way.

You will be learning how to unlock your true inner voice and you will be taking your first step in the right direction to become a true singer. This is where you will be building the foundations for a beautiful and strong voice, capable of much more than you could ever imagine.

Your goal will be to use what I’m going to teach you to create YOUR very own 30 minute practise routine. A practise routine that will allow you to develop to your full potential, as long as you work hard and stay consistent.

I’ll be 100% honest with you - becoming a confident and skilled singer can take years! This course is HOW you start in the right way. It’s how you avoid doing wrong exercises that can hurt your voice or simply waste your time and effort and give you bad habits.

Since this is all so important, I wanted to make sure this course was accessible to anyone in the world. Which is why, for a limited time, I made it only $9! 

What else can you get for $9 that can change your life for the better? I surely don’t know. But if you do let me know because I’d be interested!

Unlocking your voice can even change your personality. It can even make you a more self-confident and expressive person! I’ve had seen this happening not only in myself but in many of my students. And I could not be more proud of them!

I am always rooting for each and every one of my students. Hopefully, I can be rooting for YOUR success next.

Click the button below to empower and strengthen your voice instead of reinforcing hurtful bad habits. With the added bonus of unlocking your TRUE and beautiful inner voice.

(Bonus: Includes Song List of songs to practise)

P.S: If you want to learn more about me and what I do before making a decision, please visit my blog at holisticvoiceacademy.com/blog (I have some free singing tips there as well!)

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