GROUP classes for adults 

Most people love singing, but they find it hard to release their voice. With holistic singing classes taught from a holistic and integral approach you will find a step by step process to free and develop your voice so you can express yourself powerfully when singing or speaking! 

Who is this for: adults of all levels who want to learn to sing and develop an expressive and strong voice.

Jorgelina offers holistic singing group classes for beginner adults in Auckland (Unsworth Heights, North Shore area). A great place to start your singing journey! 

We are currently organising our next group classes for adults which will start from January 2023 (join at any time of the year though). Our group classes are small (up to 6 students), suitable for complete beginners and take place at Unsworth Heights - North Shore area in Auckland (You'll get exact address when you book a trial class). The class is a space in which you can learn from others but will also have space for one on one feedback! The best of both worlds. 

The classes date and times will be organised upon enquiry.

Singing group classes for adults are great for beginners as you will learn in a safe, friendly and non judgemental environment and grow in confidence!

Our group classes are great for you if you are 20+ years old and you are keen on developing your voice from scratch! You will never be asked to do more that you can do or want to do. I work hard making sure that everyone feels at ease as much as possible. Give it a go!

Note that you can start the classes at ANY TIME during the year. When you are ready to move up a level, you will be offered a space in a more advanced class :)

If you are super serious about learning to sing and want to go all in, we also have a community group class every week with the other adult students of our school, in which we learn lots of fun singing stuff such as vocal harmonies, performance skills, etc. Our community class is great to grow in confidence and to add a lot of fun to your singing adventure! At the moment the group class happens every Tuesday at 7pm. You are welcome to join our community group class at no extra cost.

2023 Prices
-$212 per month

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