SINGING GROUP classes for adults IN AUCKLAND

Most people love singing, but they find it hard to release their voice. With holistic singing classes taught from a holistic and integral approach you will find a step by step process to free and develop your voice so you can express yourself powerfully when singing or speaking! 

We work in small groups, up to 5-6 people per group, so you have one on one coaching as well as group coaching. This is a great, effective and fun way to learn!

In addition to our regular classes, we organize open mics every quarter, which are a great opportunity for you to practice your performance skills and songs in public ❤️

Our group class students have access to our FREEPLAY class on Tuesday nights, in which we do all sort of singing - related activities! Vocal theory night quizzes, performance sessions, group songs, christmas carols, etc...  This class is also an opportunity for our students to practice their performance skills in a safe, friendly, supportive and non judgemental space. This class doesn't have an extra cost for our in person regular students and it is optional.

 auckland contemporary singing school

Students of our singing group classes in Auckland have access to a 20% discount in Jorgelina's casual singing private lessons ❤️

Our singing classes for adults in Auckland are divided into LEVELS:


Our foundational level. Learn the absolute basics of pitch, rhythm, vocal technique and song work. At this level, you learn to confidently sing a song on pitch and with correct rhythm.  At this level there is a strong element of setting up your instrument to be in 'singing mode'. You will also develop foundational stagecraft techniques so you start feeling confident when on the stage! 


 Our 'advanced beginner' level. At this level, you will further develop your musical and vocal skills so you can resolve more challenging songs with ease. Your voice will gain flexibility and range at this level. There is a strong element of being able to go through your vocal registers with ease. You will also develop interpretation and stagecraft techniques. You will have the choice to prepare for a Rockschool exam (Grade 3) if you choose to do so (optional). 

This level is for singers that have had at least one year of singing training.


Our intermediate level. At this level, you will further develop your musical and vocal skills. At this level, we focus on getting a strong and flexible mixed voice. There is a stronger element of voice style at this level, in which you will be able to apply contemporary vocal skills such as twang, belting, melismas, etc. Strong interpretation and stagecraft skills are developed at this level.
 At this level you will have the choice to train towards a Rockschool grade 4-5 exam, if you choose to. 

This level requires at least 2 years of regular prior singing training in contemporary singing.

Our advanced level. At this level you will further develop your musical and vocal skills to an advanced level. Advanced contemporary techniques are developed as well as a strong stylistic approach to different contemporary singing styles. At this level you get to focus much more in the style of your choice, developing it to a higher level. You will continue to develop your stagecraft and interpretation skills at an advanced level here. At this level, if you choose to, you can prepare towards Rockschool exams 6, 7 and 8. At this level it is strongly recommended to complement your group classes with private lessons, which are offered at a discounted level for you at our singing school.

This level requires 3+ years of prior proper, regular contemporary singing training.

Professional level. This level requires one on one vocal coaching - contact us for options.

This level is open to advanced singers (3+ years of proper, regular training in contemporary singing), and for those who have a specific project they are working on (auditions, band projects, etc)


If you are interested in joining our vocal training program, the first step is to download our INFO PACK where you will get information about prices, timetables, etc, as well as a link to book a trial class (for in person classes) and a link to subscribe to our online classes.