GROUP classes for adults 

Most people love singing, but they find it hard to release their voice. With singing classes taught from a holistic and integral approach you will find a step by step process to free and develop your voice so you can express yourself powerfully when singing or speaking! 

Who is this for: adults of all levels who want to learn to sing and develop an expressive and strong voice.

At Auckland Contemporary Singing School we offer group classes for beginner adults in Auckland (Unsworth Heights, North Shore area). A great place to start your singing journey!

We are currently running a class for adult complete beginners on Tuesdays 8 pm in Unsworth Heights - North Shore area in Auckland. The class is a space in which you can learn from others but will also have space for one on one feedback! The best of both worlds. 

Group classes are great for beginners as you will learn in a safe, friendly and non judgemental environment and grow in confidence!

Our group classes are great for you if you are 20+ years old and you are keen on developing your voice from scratch! You will never be asked to do more that you can do or want to do. I work hard making sure that everyone feels at ease as much as possible. Give it a go!

Note that you can start the class at ANY TIME during the year. When you are ready to move up a level, you will be offered a space in a more advanced class :)

- Increased vocal power
- Development of good vocal habits
- Correct breathing and posture for effective voice production
- Increased confidence
- Fun!!
- Learn to make music with your own body!
- Develop rhythm and pitch
- Learn to use your voice in an effective way, without your voice getting sore after 10 minutes of singing!

$129 per month (start any day of the month) - weekly 50 min group VOICE class for BEGINNERS

in auckland contemporary singing school




Our community group class for adults happens every Tuesday at 7 pm at Meadowood Community House (Unsworth Heights, North Shore area - Auckland).

This is a class open only to adult private and group students of Auckland Contemporary Singing School and it is available at a small monthly fee ($35 additional to your monthly subscription)

In the group class we don't practice much technique since we cover that in our private lessons. Instead, we study and train different aspects of singing such us:

- rhythm
- melody
- harmony
- improvisation
- vocal arrangements
- group songs
- performance tips and tricks

This is a GREAT space to train on a lot of complementary aspects of singing. It is also a weekly chance for students to perform a song in front of a very friendly and respectful group, which will help you grow in confidence and get more comfortable with being heard by others! Individual performances are not compulsory, some students sing every week and some students choose to do it very sporadically. 

NOTE: We will start working on our Christmas choir showcase so it is a great time to join us!

- $35 per month additional to your monthly subscription