Explore our singing  programs for adults - Online and in person (Auckland)

At Auckland Contemporary Singing School you can train to become a singer no matter the level you are at! We have programs for beginner, intermediate and advanced singers. 

Jorgelina trains singers from scratch all the way to advanced and professional levels. With us you can even train to gain an international qualification in contemporary vocals!

Styles we teach: Pop, rock, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Blues, R&B, Tango, Argentinian Folclore, etc. 

Our programs are also great for you if you are looking for general vocal training.

Whether you choose to train in person with our contemporary singing programs in Auckland (NZ), or you prefer to train with us online, you will have access to a vibrant community of adult singers who support each other and have lots of fun making music together!

Jorgelina uses a holistic approach to contemporary singing. This means that you will not only receive expert training in vocal technique, but you will also be trained in many other aspects that contribute to your development as a singer. Some of them are: interpretation, stagecraft, musicality, improvisation, sight reading... and many others!

Jorgelina's holistic approach to contemporary singing also means that the singing training contemplates each other's uniqueness, having on mind how the mind, body and breathe affect singing. This unique approach to singing has been developed through many years of studying alternative energy work techniques such as QiGong, Feldenkrais, Coaching, Movement therapies, etc.

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