private singing lessons
and group classes
for adults
in auckland and online!

Most people love singing, but they find it hard to release their voice. With singing lessons taught from a holistic and integral approach you will find a step by step process to free and develop your voice so you can express yourself powerfully when singing or speaking.

Who is this for: 18+ adults of all levels who want to learn to sing and develop an expressive and strong voice.

In the lessons you will work towards an expressive, confident, free and strong voice. You can use this method to become a contemporary singer or to simply improve your communication and expression in general.

This is the right program for you if you are an adult looking to learn to sing and unlock your voice from deep within. We work with all contemporary styles of singing.

The skills we develop include:

Vocal health
Vocal technique (posture, breathing, air support, resonance, etc) and development
Voice expression
Repertoire and style development
Interpretation and performance

Optional – if you want to become a complete contemporary singer: contemporary styles, music theory, sight reading, musicianship elements, improvisation, etc.

Private lesson prices (1 weekly lesson)
(Regular training)

30 min weekly: 165 NZD / month
45 min weekly: 236.5 NZD / month
60 min weekly: 299 NZD / month

Group classes prices
Open class: $35 /month regular students (private or group) - $70 regular students of other studios / schools

Group class:

Adult private students have access to our weekly community group class at a ridiculously cheap price - $35 per month (normal price $70 / month). In order to join our class if you are not a student of Auckland Contemporary Singing School, you have to be taking private lessons somewhere else. (If you want to join a group class and you are not interested in taking lessons individually, check out our introductory group class for adult beginners)

The group singing class at Auckland Contemporary Singing school is a rare opportunity for private students in Auckland to have a weekly session in which to practice their performance skills. Plus, we work on other aspects of singing complementary to singing such as musicality, improvisation, interpretation,  etc.

The group singing classes happen on Tuesdays 7 pm at Unsworth Heights - contact me for details!

at auckland contemporary singing school you can learn singing in two ways: private lessons or gorup classes.
Private lessons happen at unsworth heights (Auckland, norht shore)
group classes happen at hobsonville point