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If you are looking for singing tips, you are in the right place!

Hi! I’m a singer and musician with a strong passion for teaching.

 My journey in music started when I was very little, playing with my dad’s guitar. At the age of 8 I finally convinced my mum to take me to guitar lessons with the only teacher in the small  village I lived in. During my childhood, I enjoyed learning guitar and singing in my guitar lessons, that’s when my passion for singing started to grow until I decided that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I also studied ballet dance during my childhood and explored creative writing.

   At the age of 16 I finally got the opportunity to start taking singing lessons for which I traveled 3 hours for each session (but I never regretted it!). When I finished high school, I went to start my formal music studies to one of the main cities of Argentina: La Plata.

  During the next 7 years, all my time was devoted to the arts: I studied Popular Music in University, and Artistic Instruction oriented to singing in the best singing academy in Buenos Aires. In these places I learned a lot about singing, interpretation, performance, singing skills such as singing harmonies, Latin American and Argentinian styles and culture, and music skills (songwriting, music theory, music history, etc)

  Along with my formal studies, during this time I trained in dance (ballet, contemporary dance, contact improvisation, argentinian dances, improvisation, corporal expression), other vocal skills (vocal interpretation, vocal expression, vocal styles, spiritual vocal music etc), theatre improvisation, percussion, coaching, healing techniques, etc; as well as a lot of self-study and researching.

 Also during this time I gained a lot of experience as a performer, experimenting with different projects as a choir singer and as a solo singer, with a band or on my own.

 At the age of 22 I was offered the possibility to take the role of the singing teacher in a music school, where I started teaching individual and group lessons, and was then that I discovered a great passion for it, and it has given me tons of rewarding moments.

Also when I was 23 I started studying Reiki therapy which also became a passion that keeps on developing along with other techniques.

 At the age of 25, I moved to New Zealand and a new chapter started in my life. In New Zealand I keep on developing my studies in singing, music, dance, culture and holistic/ spiritual techniques.

  My great passions in life are arts, spirituality, cultures and expression. I’m also passionate about animals! In regards to singing, my main focus is to sing integrating all our aspects and shapes, expressing  all that we are, healing and discovering the true essence of a person through their voice.

  I have discovered that my mission has a lot to do with helping people to express themselves, which is really healing! Also I firmly believe that everybody has the ability to sing, you just have to find your way!


Teaching experience:

I have been teaching private lessons and group lessons to people of all ages, from 2011.

I currently teach private lessons at my Studio in Albany (Auckland, NZ), and also in Glenfield (Auckland, NZ) at the Music Education Center. I’m also available for Skype lessons.


I will help you find your unique voice, make music with it, and connect it with your whole being.