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Singing has always been my main passion. Along with singing and music, I have always been trained in movement and holistic – spiritual techniques.

This has allowed me to improve my singing skills in other important areas, that can’t be developed with only vocal warm ups.

In my lessons, I’m always interested in knowing what other activities my students take part in. Every activity they practice regularly, has a tremendous impact on their voice and way of singing, and all of them can be really helpful, if you know how to use it consciously!

For many years, I trained singing and ballet dance at the same time. During the first years, it was really hard for me to solve some of the issues in both disciplines: for ballet, I was asked to tighten my abdominal muscles, and for singing I was asked to release my abdominal muscles! At the beginning this posed quite a challenge for me and I thought that I would just have to stop doing ballet, but then I decided to use it as a tool instead, and see it as an opportunity instead of as a blockage.

Ballet and dancing in general helped my singing in so many ways, for example:

-I gained a lot of body awareness, which is really necessary to develop when you are a singer (as a singer, your instrument is inside you, therefore an important part of the training is to actually feel your body)

– I learned to communicate and express myself much better and to sing from my whole body instead of only using my voice.

-I learned to integrate my skills instead of only seeing them separately. Music and dancing were actually created together, as a popular expression. The one did not exist without the other. If you see the popular expressions around the world, they always integrate dancing and singing / music, spontaneously!

-I learned to use my body to help my vocal technique. When you sing, you have to know what part of your body the energy is coming from. Through dancing, this process has been much easier since I am actually in control of it.

-It made it a lot easier to use my breathing properly.

-Dancing made me feel the music with my body. This is really helpful for a musician to learn, as it helps with the accuracy and sensitivity towards rhythm and melody.

I can also see a lot of benefits from other techniques, and I believe that everything you do is helpful if you can be creative enough to find out how it is helping you. I observe this with each of my students, without exceptions:  Computer, designing, acting (I love this one), running, psychologists, modeling, yoga teachers, writers, dancers of any style, massage therapists…

how are your other abilities helping your voice?

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