The 3 most common mistakes in singing


Voice and body

There are three common mistakes we are likely to make when it comes to singing safely. By correcting them, you can improve your voice dramatically almost immediately!

1. High breathing

I observe this kind of mistake in kids, teenagers and adults.

Our breathing can be divided in 3 stages:

  • First Stage:  your diaphragm contracts and you air goes to the lowest part of your lungs. This is what we perceive as “singing from the diaphragm”.
  • Second Stage: your ribs open giving you extra space in the middle part of your lungs.
  •  Third Stage:  your sternum will lift a bit and if you continue breathing then your shoulders will go up as well.

What usually happens is that we only breathe in the upper part of our lungs. This brings multiple problems to our voice:

  •  The highest part of our breathing only represents 10% of our air capacity. This means that you are not using a major part of your capacity (wondering why you run out of air so quickly?)
  • By lifting your shoulders, you are tensing your neck and all the zones (those have to be free when you are sing) and making the work much harder for your voice.
  •  There is no possibility to support the air from the correct place.

Learn to breathe properly here


2. Not opening your mouth

The mouth is one of the main resonators we have. Having access to it is one of the easiest things we can do to improve our singing, As opening the mouth is completely under our control. To observe a bit what I meant by this, try to sing an “aaaaaaaaah” with the mouth open and as you sing it, close the mouth and open it again. Observe how much the sound changes just by this little modification!


3. Having a bad posture

This is a bit harder to modify because through the years the body gets used to our habits. Basically, a bad posture in singing is the one that prevents you from two things:

  •  Use your muscles to breathe in the low and middle part of your lungs, forcing you to breathe in the highest part of them.
  •  Have your upper body relaxed to allow the voice to flow freely.

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Remember that everything is connected in the body. By changing one bad habit we can make a huge difference!

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