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Why you should join a choir

In a previous post I told you about the general benefits of singing. Today I want to tell you about the other benefits that, in addition to them, you will find when singing in group. Group singing has been a healing experience for thousands of years. There are tons of examples of this in indigenous […]

Finding your own style

As we all know, interpretation is a highly important part of a singer’s skills. When we sing a song, the listener connects with the emotions we are sharing, and that’s powerful. In my opinion, that’s the most distinctive thing that differentiate singers as musicians. The human voice is probably the strongest when it comes to […]

Vocal exercises

How to fix nasal voice

If you are familiar with singing you have probably heard about nasal voice before. Basically what happens is that you are directing your air to your nasal resonators. The following video will give you an idea of how nasal voice sounds (the singer uses nasal voice as his particular and unique style): Although this Singer […]

What is articulation – Part II

Hi there! Today I want to continue talking about how to improve the articulation to get the most out of it for our voice. Let’s try some practical exercises! Exercises for the mouth Your mouth should be open at an approximated distance of two fingers between the teeth. But while doing that, check that you […]