Can everybody sing?

Voice and body

This is a very common question… some people are totally convinced that you need to be born with “The gift”, otherwise you won’t never be able to sing.

  Of course, this is not true. Definitely everybody can sing. First of all, we all have the capacity to sing and we actually do it as part as our social life–for example, in every birthday party!

 What happens is that singers TRAIN their voices, in order to be able to play their instrument more professionally, to understand it better, and to be able to sing higher notes, change the colour of their voice, work with different styles, etc.

  And again, this can also be trained. Of course, if you compare yourself with someone like Beyoncé or Christina Aguilera, who have been working on their singing all their life, then you’ll be frustrated. Everybody has to start somewhere and while it’s true that for some people is easier than for others, this only means that it might take a little bit more time.

 Training your voice takes years, but is a very rewarding experience. In the process you will find things about yourself, and you will become a different person. Singing requires passion, gratitude, humbleness, trust, openness, and willingness to forgive yourself and keep growing.

It is up to you how far you want to take it, and is directly proportional to the effort and energy that you are willing to dedicate to it. But even if your goal is to sing a song to your baby, you will find the benefits of it on your whole being.

 The voice is a very generous instrument. It shows you where are you in life, and what is your next step.

You can do it!!