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What is appoggio? Part II

Hello everyone! In this second part, I will talk a little about what I consider the best way to use appoggio in singing. You can find the first part here. When we talk about apoggio, we are basically talking about how to coordinate the air we use to sing. A Good appoggio allows the upper […]

What is appoggio? PART I

Appoggio is one of the most controversial concepts among singers. Teachers differ a lot in their explanation of what it is and how to use it, and some even avoid the subject altogether. I also have my own opinion about it, but in this post I want to summarize some of the most common ideas […]

Types of Glottal Attack

Glottal Attack When we talk about Glottal attack we mean the way  phonation begins. This is very important to recognize for the singer, as it directly influences sound quality and also in the useful life of the singing voice. Basically there are three ways in which the voice can start the sound: Hard attack. This type of […]